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KSNF/KODE — New online research finds “American’s guiltiest food pleasure” by analyzing the number of Google web searches for food coupons.

DoorDash has the most sought-after food delivery coupons in America, a new study has found. It is followed by Papa Johns, Uber Eats and Pizza Hut. Five of the top 10 food spots American residents seek discounts for have pizza as their specialty. The research was carried out by CommonCentsMom.com, a US-based money wellness magazine.

Their study analyzed the number of average monthly Google searches over the past year for coupons for food delivery services in the US. It has found that DoorDash leads among mixed food delivery services, with an average of 591,000 searches per month. Meanwhile, Papa John’s is the single most popular takeout brand that US residents seek coupons for, averaging 441,000 hits every month.

Food Delivery BrandAverage Monthly Google Hits For Coupons
Papa John’s441,000
Uber Eats349,000
Pizza Hut263,000
Chuck E. Cheese99,000
Burger King76,000
Little Caesars68,000

Discount hunters in America also look to strike a bargain at Subway, which receives 200,000 coupon and promo code-related searches each month, Grubhub averages 108,000 monthly searches, and Chuck E. Cheese averages 99,000 searches per month. Three more honorable mentions entering the top 10 most Googled food delivery coupons in the US include Burger King (76,000 average monthly searches), Little Caesars (68,000), and Domino’s (66,000).

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“Our research gives us an indication of America’s guiltiest pleasures in the realm of fast food. We all love some takeout every now and then and coupons shed some of that guilt off. Now that the results are in, we were surprised to find Papa John’s rank higher than collective food delivery services like Uber Eats and Grubhub. With half of the top 10 most Googled food coupons being a pizza specialist, our study reaffirms America’s favorite — the good old classic pizza slice,” said Katie Ren, founder of CommonCentsMom.