UPDATE 04/13/23: After conducting an executive session, the Animal Control Advisory Board notified Golden that the dog would keep its vicious label.

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — There have been two court proceedings since a dog attack that left a Columbus woman without part of her leg, and another meeting scheduled for today.

Kim Golden, a non-profit housing executive, was inspecting an adjoining home on March 1st when she was attacked. The dog, Cowboy, was tethered next door when she said her life flashed before her eyes.

Court testimony revealed the dog tether extended beyond the owner’s property, allowing Cowboy access to the yard next door.

Since the attack, the city of Columbus has filed a lawsuit against the dog’s owners, saying Cowboy is vicious and needs to be euthanized.

The dog’s owners, Jaqueline Crockett and Edward Murray appeared in Superior Court on March 31 in front of Judge John Martin. The couple did not have any legal representation.

During questioning on March 31, Murray claimed if Golden had “just a little bit of common sense, the attack would have never happened.”

“When they blame Miss Golden and say she should have exercised more common sense… The dog was chewing on her foot for 2 minutes and 10 seconds,” said the city’s attorney, Thomas Gristina. “She was walking on other people’s property. The dog went into the yard where she was. They have no remorse. They should not ever be allowed to have that dog or, in my opinion, any dog again.”

Under Judge Martin’s ruling, Cowboy will be kept in Animal Control’s custody until a decision is made on whether the dog will be euthanized. Murray and Crockett are scheduled to appear before the Animal Control Advisory Board at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday.

On March 6, Cowboy was labeled as “vicious” by Columbus Animal Control. Under Georgia law, a dog classified as “vicious” or “dangerous” is subject to strict restrictions including being registered with the state, and a sign must be posted on the owner’s property, warning people about the dangerous dog.

These dog owners are also required to carry liability insurance if the dog injures someone.
The Animal Control Advisory Board is set to respond to an appeal the owners filed to no longer classify Cowboy as “vicious” in today’s meeting.

Crockett and Murray are also set to appear before Judge Martin in Superior Court regarding Cowboy’s potential euthanization.