COVID-19 vaccine priority, who will get it?


ATLANTA, Ga. (WJBF) – A third player is in the mix for a COVID-19 vaccine.

Drug maker Astra-Zeneca is the latest to announce a coronavirus vaccine with 70-percent effectiveness joining Moderna and Pfizer who recently reported that their vaccines are more than 90-percent effective.

Atlanta Bureau Chief, Archith Seshadri, explains when a vaccine may be out and who will get priority.

As vaccines get ready to roll out, researchers are narrowing down who gets first dibs.

Who’s at risk, who deserves the vaccines first, is it healthcare workers or other essential workers, people at risk and what does that risk mean?

Emory doctors say communities of color, people with pre-existing conditions, the elderly, health care workers, and prisoners should get priority.

Some people have to take public transportation that puts them at greater risk while other people can do their home from a computer.

Doctors say vaccines typically take years to research for potential side effects and the rapid speed with these vaccines may deter people from getting a dose.

“Are people going to take the vaccine?”50% of Americans say they may not. Large percentages of African American community say they would not take the vaccine. That is also an issue of compassion,” said Paul Root Wolpe, Director of The center for Ethics, Emory.

Dr. Colleen Kelley, MD ,Principal Investigator, Moderna Study at Ponce De Leon Center said, “Once we have effective vaccines, the next frontier will be to ensure that they are safe and efficacious and everyone has access to get the and enough people get them so we can stem the rate of new infections of covid19.”

Doctors say those who have access to the vaccine should take it so we can achieve herd immunity

Vaccines are there not just to protect you but your family, your friends and people you come in contact with.

Some vaccines may require you to go to the storage site instead of getting it at a regular doctor’s office or hospital like Pfizer’s because of specific temperature requirements to store the vaccine.

Once the FDA approves the vaccines, the department of health and human services will coordinate deployment with state health departments.

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