COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — The Columbus Consolidated Government is participating in Georgia Cities Week this year, which runs from April 23 to 29.

Going into its 24th year, Georgia Cities Week serves as an opportunity to inform the public about city services and how local government operates.

The Columbus Police Department and Columbus Homeland Security & Emergency Management Department teamed up to present an active shooter response training on Thursday.

The training was free to the public, providing them options on how to get through an active shooter situation, should they find themselves in one.

Columbus’ Emergency Management Director, Chance Corbett, led the training at the City Services Center. He has three decades of public safety experience and has taught numerous active shooter response trainings.

The theme of the training: be prepared.

“Just like we prepare for weather and for fire alarms, we need to prepare for this as well, because you could be anywhere, any time,” said Corbett. “This is not about Columbus. This is about them and the rest of their lives. That wherever they might be, this could happen. We want them to be prepared so those options pop in their head quickly.”

Corbett highlighted different scenarios that can arise during an active shooting. He stressed the purpose of the training is to provide options, not directions.

Some of the tips mentioned include dialing 911 immediately and barricading the door.
Corbett suggested if you can’t evacuate, make a plan for the “what if” scenario, should there be a lockdown.