COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – The Columbus Police Department has a brand-new fleet of vehicles around town. Officers themselves are also suited in new gear from head to toe. The department hopes the new look will help boost officer morale.

This is so much more than just a new look for Columbus Police Department Officers. Department heads took input from the force when designing these new uniforms. The upgrade also serves to increase safety for officers and reduce injuries as well.

One of the new bells and whistles on CPDs new vehicles, a new siren and automated police responses that will be sure to catch your attention over vehicle loud speakers. The automated sirens say things like, “Police K-9 come out now with your hands up, or I will send my dog and he will bite you,” and “Please pull to the right.”

In addition to the new fleet of CPD cars. New uniforms.

Officers will no longer be seen in multiple shades of blue, but instead one cohesive navy look.
The biggest change is moving all of an officer’s equipment, which used to sit on their waist band, to their chest. The vest includes compartments to house all their necessary equipment with slots open to add more protection like bullet proof plates, as needed. They hope this will also reduce injuries for officers.

“That’s nearly 30 pounds worth of gear that you’re carrying around your waist. So, you know, it creates a lot of back issues. It creates a lot of sciatic nerve issues here, issues, those things. And here’s the thing. You know, all police officers are not created equal as it relates to size. So we have some police officers that are about the size of this young lady here. And can you imagine putting all that gear around this young lady here? It’d be very, very difficult.”

Deputy Chief Lance Deaton

Now that nearly 30 pounds of weight will be evenly distributed over an officer’s shoulders and around their chest.

The uniforms cost over $600 a piece. The fleet includes 31 replacement vehicles, all navy Ford Explorers.