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COLUMBUS, Ga. - The Upatoi Triple Murder Trial is out for the weekend now that the state has called all but one of its witnesses to testify.

Thursday's witnesses include law enforcement and another former friend of the last remaining defendant, 17-year-old Rufus Burks.

The state called them to testify to what happened to the clothes and video games that went missing from the home the night Gloria Short, Caleb Short and Gianna Lindsey were killed back in January of 2016.

The state recalled the case's lead detective Sgt. Alan Malone to go over Facebook messages the defendant, 17-year-old Rufus Burks, sent about trading PlayStation games the day after the victims' bodies were found.

You'll remember Monday, Caleb Short's father Robert confirmed his son's PlayStation 4 and several games were missing from the home. Burks put his head down or looked straight ahead at the wall as another former friend also took the stand to confirm he was on the other end of those messages and agreed to meet Burks and trade games.

Detective Malone also went through the route to the crime scene former co-defendant, 21-year-old Raheam Gibson, described during his testimony. Malone pointed out what appeared to be Burks, Gibson and Tapley in surveillance videos from businesses along the way.

"What we believe to be two individuals, the suspects, on a moped and shortly thereafter we have an individual following behind on what we believe to be a bicycle, which is consistent with information we were given by co-defendant Raheam Gibson," says Sgt. Alan Malone.

The state also brought in more witnesses to try and find out what happened to clothes and shoes that also went missing from the home.

Several GBI analysts came forward to testify on lab results from shoes taken from the defendant's room and the gloves found along the route to the crime scene.

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