After bullet hits close to home, one Columbus resident calls on city to put a stop to violence and crime


COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – Around 11:34 p.m. Columbus resident Christopher Michael Rance heard a vehicle crash into the wall outside of his Greystone at Country Club apartment. Immediately following the crash, Rance says gunshots began which prompted him to roll out of bed and grab his own firearm.

It was at this moment that one of the bullets pierced through Rance’s window, through his headboard and into his closet. He said this is when he called 911 and positioned himself behind a living room wall; he tried to see what was happening outside while also remaining protected.

After the gunfire stopped and police began their investigation, Rance turned the light on in his room and realized just how close the bullet really came to impacting him.

“I just thank god he moved my head when he did,” said Rance. “It very well could have been my head instead of the closet door and into the closet.”

Rance shared this isn’t the first time the 2.5 year resident has heard gunfire west of his apartment. However, this is the first time it’s hit this close to home and now he’s calling on the City of Columbus to make a change and stop the violence and crime he experienced in his backyard.

“With the recent uptick of gang related violence and drug related violence, I just wish that someone would do something about it and I just feel that like our voices are just not being heard at the council board level or the mayor level,” said Rance.

“Whatever we can do as citizens to come together to kind of stop this infestation of drug and gang related violence, you know we’re all for,” Rance said. “At the end of the day if they don’t do something about it, I know myself and other residents in this area…. will take it upon ourselves to stand up for what is right.”

Rance counted four bullets that hit his property, including the one that went inside of his home.

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