COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — Two suspects appeared in Recorder’s Court Friday morning, facing separate charges for the same incident that ended with the shooting death of Steven Daniels on Georgetown Drive. 

Michael McCarter and Dwayne Neely appeared in recorder’s court this morning after turning themselves in to police earlier this week. Police say Daniels was killed during a robbery back on September 30, 2022.

Court testimony this morning revealed that a bag belonging to McCarter was taken from an unoccupied car. There was an AR-15 in the bag.   

According to the Columbus Police Department, their investigation revealed McCarter was being robbed and is justified in shooting Daniels. However, McCarter is still being charged with Theft by Receiving Stolen Property because he had a stolen firearm before Daniels allegedly robbed him. 

McCarter made bond yesterday and testified today that Neely did not take the bag from him. Neely is facing an armed robbery charge for his alleged role in the robbery of McCarter.  

Neely is also being represented by Defense Attorney – Shevon Thomas. Thomas says the state didn’t have sufficient evidence to justify the charges against his client.

“They didn’t give any evidence at all at a probable cause hearing,” said Thomas. “They were reaching… they had the victim right there. The victim testified, ‘I wasn’t robbed, this man didn’t rob me.’ And he testified to who robbed him. Which is deceased.”

Thomas says for now, he will defer to the court’s decision to find probable cause. Moving forward, he will petition the court for a bond within 90 days if Neely is not indicted, then proceed to trial. 

Chief Recorder’s court Judge, David Ranieri, did not set bond for Neely. The case has been bound over to superior’s court.