COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — The Chuck Williams Show, a WRBL podcast, will explore a terrible chapter in Columbus’ history – the 1970s Stocking Stranglings.

Chuck interviews Judge Bill Smith and author William Rawlings. Chuck joins us now.

For years, Judge Smith was unable to table this case because of restrictions under the Judicial Cannons of Georgia.

Smith prosecuted Carlton Gary, who was executed in 2018 for the crimes.

William Rawlings is a Southern writer who was approached by Mercer University press to tell this story.

Rawlings jumped at the opportunity. This is a story that played out over nearly 50 years.

The murders and rapes of seven elderly Columbus women happened in 1977 and ‘78.

Gary was arrested in ‘84 and convicted of three of the murders in 1986.

The appeal process lasted 32 years.

Smith is convinced of Gary’s debate.

“This is the strongest case, with the greatest amount of evidence of any case that I ever prosecuted or was prosecuted by someone else in the district attorney’s office during those 18 years,” Smith said. “I was absolutely convinced then. I am absolutely convinced now.”

Rawlings says after going through mountains of court transcripts and police reports, dozens of interviews, and hundreds of newspaper articles, he too is convinced of Gary’s guilt.Teresa.