COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – Eight days into the trial of four men accused of killing a Columbus rapper in a Pizza Hut parking lot in 2018, the state’s star witness has recanted major portions of his testimony.

Eric Spencer took a plea deal before the trial began.

Spencer’s murder charge was dropped in exchange for his agreement to testify for the prosecution. He’s spent hours on the stand, testifying that he was at the scene of the crime, but Dover Coppins, one of four co-defendants, was the man who fatally shot Brandon Denson in 2018.

On Thursday, Spencer returned to the stand and told prosecutors he was afraid for his life, after being threatened in the Government Center. He pled the fifth and told acting D.A. Sheneka Terry he did not want to continue without his attorney.

However, Judge David Emerson ruled that Spencer had to answer defense questions about the nature of the threats against him.

Terry asked the judge to consider impeaching Spencer’s testimony, which would signal to the court that his statements are not credible. Her request was also denied.