OPELIKA, Ala. (WRBL) – The man accused of kidnapping, burglarizing, and murdering 24-year old Lori Ann Slesinski in Auburn in 2006 has indicated he will testify in his own defense.  The testimony could happen Monday morning.

Prosecutors have maintained Derrill Richard Ennis was romantically obsessed with Slesinski and killed her when she refused to be more than just his friend. 

Jurors heard testimony from forensic investigators who say they found the defendant’s semen and blood inside Slesinski’s mobile home. Investigators also found a cigarette butt near Slesinski’s burned vehicle located abandoned behind the bowling alley where Ennis worked. The cigarette butt came back with Ennis’ DNA on it.

When Ennis was being questioned by detectives in 2006, investigators documented fresh scratches on his arms and hands – those pictures were shown to the jury.

The last person to speak with Lori Ann on the phone before she vanished, testified she heard Ennis in the background on Saturday – June 10th. 

A former girlfriend of Ennis testified she had plans with Ennis Saturday morning- but he never showed or returned her phone calls until Monday.

Ennis’ lawyers have been trying to poke holes in the investigation, including the custody of evidence and witnesses who may have been overlooked. Specifically, a defense witnesses and former law enforcement officer pointed out he felt like there were discrepancies with the chain of custody of the cigarette butt found in the burn pile near the vehicle. 

Lori’s body has never been located. If convicted, Ennis faces life in prison without the possibility of parole or the death penalty.