ABBEVILLE COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – The case against a dog owner whose three animals were involved in a vicious attack will​ be presented to a grand jury.

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In a preliminary hearing Thursday, a judge said the state has shown cause and a grand jury will decide if Justin Minor will be indicted.

Minor was charged and given bond last month.

At the hearing, Abbeville County Sheriff’s Investigator Jeffrey Hines took the stand. He described body camera footage of the aftermath of the dog attack on Kyleen Waltman last month. Deputies said Waltman was attacked by three dogs while walking home in Honea Path. She was airlifted to the hospital where both of her arms were amputated.

“She was going out on a stretcher, once EMS got there. Her whole tri-cep was removed and nothing but bone on her left arm,” said Hines.

Hines called it one of the more gruesome animal attacks he’s seen in his career. At times, Waltman’s mother and sister wiped away tears while listening to the details.

“Both of her arms were amputated off completely all the way up to the shoulders. She had bites from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet including her whole entire body,” said Hines.

The State argued this wasn’t the first time the animals were aggressive. An animal control report shows a man was bitten by one of Minor’s dogs last year. Deputies also said Minor’s neighbor told investigators the dogs’ temperament was well known.

“He [neighbor] told the deputies that he felt uneasy to go outside of his own home, that he would have to tote a stick around because the dogs would come into his yard and growl at him,” said Hines. Hines continued, “He [neighbor] did state that he was told by Mr.. Minor a few days earlier that ‘Those dogs will bite anyone.”

Hines said after the attack, Minor told deputies of another incident.

“He [Minor] stated that they [animal control] could take the dogs and put them down. He also stated that he wanted to put the dogs down after they killed his chickens, but his wife was against it,” said Hines. “He [Minor] stated that she believed that they could be trained. He then made a statement to a Deputy in front of another Deputy that was there as well, that ‘Once a dog tastes blood, that’s it.”

After the hearing, Waltman’s mother declined to comment.

Justin Minor’s attorney told WSPA while it’s a tragic situation, it does not necessarily mean it’s a criminal situation.