COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – People in Columbus celebrated National Night Out on Tuesday night as part of “American’s Night Out Against Crime.” National Night Out is a night to strengthen police-community partnerships across the country. Law enforcement, neighborhoods and community groups all came together to heighten crime prevention awareness. 

Convoys of police cars left the Civic Center and headed to neighborhoods throughout the city. The convoys made 23 stops through different parts of Columbus; they blared their sirens and handed out police badges to children. 

Columbus communities have seen an influx of crime this year, and event organizers said it was especially important for everyone to come together and feel a sense of community. 

“This is so important because a lot of times you hear about crime or bad things that occur in the city, but we have a lot of great citizens who want to work together, love law enforcement and love their community,” Angela Florence, Sergeant of the Crime Prevention Unit with Columbus PD said. “So this is an opportunity to get together and let criminals or anyone making bad decisions know we are on one accord working together.”

In the historic district, neighbors got the party started early for their annual National Night Out block party. After the event was cancelled last year, neighbors finally came back together with a pot-luck, slip and slide and games for the kids. 

“Just to see all the different agencies today, coming talking excited about being here out with the citizens, this is awesome,” Florence said. 

Organizers hope the event encourages folks in Columbus to participate in local anti-crime programs and neighborhood watches.