COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – A Columbus man charged in the Hilton Avenue shooting on Monday made his first appearance in Recorder’s Court today.

Kevin Dietz is charged with the death of 64-year-old Ursula Dietz and 19-month-old Elenor Dietz.

According to police, Kevin Dietz was charged with murder after responding officers Kevin Dietz alive and found two other deceased bodies inside the residence on Monday afternoon.

Police say that there were no signs of forced entry and there were shell casings located near both bodies and near Kevin Dietz, who was located on the lower level of the residence.

Kevin Bowlin with the Columbus Police Department Homicide Unit presented evidence in court, supporting that only a person known to the deceased could have caused this tragedy.

“During this investigation also, your honor, there was a top level of the residence that consisted of three avenues. There was no indication that an intruder had been in the residence,” said Bowlin. “As the investigation continued there were several shell casings inside of the residence. One of the shell casings was located on the bottom level where Kevin Dietz was located.”

Kevin Dietz was denied bond due to the nature of his crimes and ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation. His case will move to Superior Court.