UPDATE 06/11/2021 11:25 p.m. – According to Columbus Police, three people have been shot in downtown Columbus on Friday night.

Police say the three people, whose names have not been released, were shot in the 1000 block of Broadway.

One of the victims is listed as in serious but stable condition, according to police.

Police the two other victims suffered non-life threatening injuries.

According to police a subsequent shooting happened at the 3300 block of 5th Avenue.

WRBL News 3 spoke to District Attorney Mark Jones Friday night following the shootings.

Jones had this to say:

“Seems kinda like an act of terror tonight. Apparently there was an individual they’re saying, there’s intial reports that somebody was shooting near Barberitos, like northbound on the sidewalk. They’re saying all the shell casings are near Barberitos, and they’re saying three people were shot. So people are down here trying to have dinner, you know, downtown trying to have fun, let their hair down and some jack*** starts shooting. So, pretty pissed and obviously we want everyone to survive and the doctors to guide their hands and make sure they get healed up. My understanding is everyone’s in stable condition. That’s the last report I heard, but it’s just frustrating because these sort of acts, they scare everybody. The shootings scare everyone because technically the gunshots… when you’re downtown and you’re in an area like this and you hear shots, that’s an aggravated assault when you hear the gunshot. You start to feel that terror like ‘Oh my god, I’m gonna get shot.’ So that’s why it’s so powerful. You’re committing an act of aggravated assault against multiple people in a group when you shoot downtown near Barberitos and Picasso’s. We just want to hold whoever did this accountable. So if anyone knows anything, feel free to contact the police, or you can contact the DA’s office. If you know anything about it, I don’t care how ridiculous you think it may sound, if you know who did this, we would like to have a candid discussion with that individual about what went down.”

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – The Columbus Police Department is investigating at least two shooting in the downtown area of Columbus. The shootings happened Friday night.

According to police, one of the shooting happened near Picasso’s Pizzeria in the 1000 block of Broadway.

The second shooting happened at the 3300 block of 5th Avenue.

According to police, one of the victims suffered non-life threatening injuries. The second’s victim’s condition is unknown at this time.

Police say they believe the two shooting are connected.

WRBL News 3 has a reporter on scene and is working to gather more information.

Stay with us on-air and online for new details as they become available.