Columbus reacts to the quadruple murder at Elizabeth Canty Apartments


The arrest of a Columbus father in the brutal stabbing deaths of his three children and their mother is making headlines around the nation, but nowhere is coping with this overwhelming tragedy proving harder than right here at home.

The brutal murders of 29-year-old Jerrica Spellman, her son, 3-year-old King, one-year-old daughter Kensley, and and one month old daugher Kristen still sending shock waves through south Columbus.

“How can you kill one baby and then kill another one?  How can you do that? How could you even kill one baby?” said Carol, a resident who lives near the murder scene.

Carol, who asked us not to use her last name, and others are asking how a mother and her children could be slain so brutally in Apartment 608-A at Elizabeth Canty Homes.

The family… found stabbed to death on one same pallet of blankets.

That apartment, a near “bare box”, held only that pallet and two pieces of a sofa as furnishings. The Columbus Housing Authority says it was rented in the name of the children’s father, 27-year-old Brandon Jackson.

Jackson was the man arrested and charged with killing his family.

Carol says this is a call to advocacy —  a sign that Columbus must come together to stop crime, to stop murders.

“We should take this as a lesson to be learned. If you get that angry, take a walk. Think about this case, and think about this scenario. Think about the cold heartless murder,” said Carol.

Many of the residents nearby simply will not go on camera, but they told me they horrified at the thought what happened in this apartment.

Meanwhile, Carol believes someone must be willing to speak up to end the violence.

“Somebody needs to do something. We need to wake up and we need to stop all of this. Our children are even asking us to stop killing us,” said Carol.

Carol says voices like hers must rally so the community can make sense of this tragedy and move toward healing.

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