RUSSELL COUNTY, Ala. (WRBL) – Testimony wrapped up on Day 5 of a Russell County murder trial. Jaquandre Bowen is on trial accused of shooting Keon Simmons to death at an unlicensed Phenix City nightclub, referred to as ‘The Hike’, in 2020.

Both the state and defense rested their case Friday afternoon after days of lengthy testimony, but not after Montgomery Criminal Defense Attorney Jennifer Holton asked for an acquittal. That was denied by Judge Walter Gray.

Friday started with Phenix City Investigator, Jose Silva, on the stand for the second day in a row. Surveillance video obtained by Phenix City Police shows time stamps of the events that took place in the early mornings of March 14, 2020, the day Simmons was shot to death.

Silva testified to what his investigation revealed.

Rick Chancey – Russell County District Attorney: “Through your investigation do you believe anyone other than Jaquandre Bowen shot and killed Keon Simmons.”

Jose Silva – Investigator, Phenix City Police Department: “No.”

Judge Gray allowed the state to submit a timeline into evidence that was compiled by officers investigations and surveillance video time stamps.

Court testimony revealed Keon Simmons was shot to death five times with more than 10 shell casings found on the scene.

Sgt. David Bastini with the Muscogee County Sherriff’s Office took the stand Friday. Bastini was present when the U.S. Marshalls Office and MCSO discovered Bowen was at a residence in Columbus. When Bowen was detained following the murder warrant, a Taurus millennium g2 pistol was found inside a black bag.

It was there the defendants sister, Kiera Sams wrote a self written and signed statement to law enforcement stating the bag was owned by her brother, Bowen. Sams took the stand Thursday testifying she just did what the officer told her to do.

Sgt. Bastini was asked about the encounter with Sams on the witness stand.

Kenny Davis, Former Russell County District Attorney: “Did you or anyone threaten her (Kiera Sams)?

Sgt. David Bastini: “Absolutely not.

Kenny Davis, Former Russell County District Attorney:Did the defendant to your knowledge claim the black bag?

Sgt. David Bastini: “No.

Kenny Davis, Former Russell County District Attorney:Did you tell Ms. Sams the bag belonged to her brother?

Sgt. David Bastini: “No.

Court testimony revealed that gun matches the serial number of the same gun purchased at the Money Mizer pawn shop in Phenix City as well as the gun obtained by law enforcement when Bowen was detained.

The Money Mizer Manager took the stand Friday, where it was revealed the purchased date, gun make, model and 44-73 Form required by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms all point back to Jaquandre Bowen.

In court it was revealed the shell casings found in the same room as Simmons body and the bullets removed from Simmons body both match the defendants gun.

The defense did not call any witnesses to the stand.

Closing arguments begin Monday morning at 9 a.m.