COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — New details emerged this morning in the Columbus Recorder’s Court hearing for 27-year-old Dante Williams.

Williams appeared in Recorder’s Court to answer to charges that he shot 50-year-old John Allen Bishop to death on April 27.

The two – friends for more than a year – were in a vehicle on Olde Town Drive and Miller Road when Bishop was shot to death.

Detective Robbie Nicholas told the court that Williams was still on the scene when the police arrived. He was standing in a nearby yard with the suspected murder weapon visible, Nicholas told the court.

The detective says that police have video evidence that shows the shooting, including Bishop exiting the vehicle and falling to the ground.

The police say the video is from a nearby business and clearly shows the events.

Prior to the shooting, Bishop’s brother notified police that Bishop was missing and considered to be a suicide threat.

The victim’s brother told police that John Allen Bishop had an alcohol and drug problem and was repeatedly asking for money and it had reached a point where it was a financial burden, Nicholas testified.

“At that point, Mr. Bishop told his brother, ‘Maybe Dante and I will do suicide and murder and rid y’all of us,'” Nicholas testified.

Here’s what Williams’ attorney, Robert Wadkins, had to say after the hearing:

“Law enforcement was made aware that he was dangerous, not only to himself but to others before this,” said Wadkins. “So, we have a person who is dangerous, interacting with another person, my client. When all the evidence becomes clear this will be a pretty straightforward case of self-defense.”VO

Judge Julius Hunter ordered Williams held without bond and the case bound over to Superior Court.