COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – CPD announced a successful crime suppression detail that resulted in the recovery of firearms, multiple drugs and a stolen vehicle after collaborating with the Fort Moore CID Proactive Field Investigations Unit.

CPD says on Oct. 20, CPD’s Special Operations Unit along with volunteer officers and members with Fort Moore CID Proactive Field Investigations Unit executed Operation Cenobite.

The crime suppression detail centered on investigative activities near the Wilson Apartments, Safe House Ministries on Hamilton Road and the North Highland area, which were previously identified by CPD’s Intelligence Unit as “hotspots” for crime.

According to CPD, the crime suppression detail resulted in the following:

  • Total contacts made – 78
  • Four individuals arrested
  • 10 felony charges
  • Five misdemeanor charges
  • One warrant cleared
  • Two gun siezed
  • 31 citation issued
  • 25 warnings given
  • One gang member apprehended
  • 60 traffic stops
  • Two vehicles fled
  • 30 grams of methamphetamine siezed
  • 14. 2 grams of marijuana siezed
  • 12.4 grams of cocaine siezed
  • THC gummies siezed
  • One vehicle recovered (reported stolen)

CPD thanked the Fort Moore CID Proactive Field Investigations Unit for collaborating with Operation Cenobite, stating, “The collaborative effort demonstrates the commitment of both agencies to enhancing public safety and addressing criminal activity.”