COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – The second suspect arrested in the March shooting death of a Columbus taxi driver appeared in Recorder’s Court Thursday morning.

Jaius Roland, 16, faces a murder charge in the death of 50-year-old Paul Lokey. Jaevon Stephens has also been charged in Lokey’s murder. An unidentified adult male suspect is currently in the hospital.

During testimony, CPD Detective Sherman Hayes told the court the victim was called for a ride to the Elizabeth Canty Apartment Complex by an unidentified adult male.

Surveillance footage from the complex shows the unidentified adult male, Stephens and Roland abruptly entering Lokey’s taxi, Detective Hayes told the court. Lokey was supposed to take the suspects to the Travel Inn Motel on Victory Drive. They never arrived.

Lokey called out on the radio “I have been shot” just seconds after he picked up all three suspects. Lokey was shot inside his taxi near the intersection of Cusseta Road which caused him to crash the taxi into a fire hydrant in the area of South Andrews Road and 21st Avenue, Hayes told the court.

The unidentified adult male, who now has a murder warrant out for his arrest, suffered a fractured femur in the wreck. He identified the two juveniles in a photographic line-up, according to Hayes.

The first suspect, Jaevon Stephens, confirmed to police he was at the scene but refused to say who pulled the trigger. When police asked him who did, he said, “I ain’t no snitch.”

Police have retrieved a weapon in this case. They have not confirmed if it is the firearm used in Lokey’s killing.

Stephens is scheduled to appear in Recorder’s Court Wednesday, April 14.

Roland is being held without bond. His case was bound over to Superior Court.