COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – Inmates and deputies at the Muscogee County jail were in a brawl last night leaving three correctional officers injured, according to the Muscogee County Sheriff.

The Sheriff says that last night on Wednesday, Nov. 11, an altercation took place in a dorm in the Muscogee County Jail involving members of the Zohannon Gang, and others. The gang members attacked officers while they were trying to take an inmate out of the dorm.

Sheriff Donna Tompkins said the brawl happened around 7 p.m., when two inmates got into an altercation in one of the dorms. Correctional officers went into the dorm to break up the fight and remove one of the inmates.

Officers were attacked as they broke up the fight, according to Tompkins.

The correctional officers were attacked by members of multiple gangs, including the Zohannon Street Gang.

Three officers, one male and two female, were injured in the attack. Two suffered only minor injuries, one was taken to the hospital for treatment where they were treated and later released.

The officers were able to back out of the area, and the SRT came in the following morning to clear the dorm and bring the situation under control, Tompkins said.

The incident remains under investigation, but Tompkins expects three inmates to face additional charges for the attacks against the officers.