LAGRANGE, Ga. (WRBL) – On Nov. 8, the LaGrange Police Department responded to Home Depot located at 1500 Lafayette Parkway, in LaGrange regarding a report of Theft by Shoplifting.

According to the police department, Toni Maddox was initially identified as a suspect, and warrants were issued for her arrest.

At the time of her arrest, authorities determined that Maddox was not the suspect. The LaGrange Police say that Maddox and the actual offender, Deborah Simpson, who is Maddox’s sister, look very similar.

After authorities determined Maddox was not the suspect, she was released from custody, and all charges were dismissed.

Warrants were later issued for Simpson for Theft by Shoplifting.

The police department issued the following statement regarding the incident:

“The LaGrange Police Department would like to correct any belief that Maddox did anything wrong during this incident. Maddox was not present when this offense occurred.”