LEE COUNTY, Ala. (WRBL) – A Smiths Station couple plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge related to a July 2020 party where they allowed minors to consume alcohol. Lee County prosecutors say a juvenile at the same party was allegedly sexually assaulted; two other juveniles face charges in that case.

Friday, Sept. 24th, 2021, Edmund Carr and his wife Kimberley pled guilty inside a Lee County Courtroom to Alabama’s Open House Party statute for knowingly allowing minors to drink alcohol inside their Smiths Station home at a July 2020 party. Edmund Carr was sentenced to two days at the Lee County Detention Facility, starting Sunday. Kimberly Carr did not receive any jail time. The couple will pay a fine.

Prosecutors say at the same party; a juvenile reported being sexually assaulted. A Lee County Grand Jury indicted two juveniles, who will be tried as adults. Under new Alabama law, the defendant’s names, specific charges, and case details will only be released if they are convicted.

“While part of this incident remains under investigation, the guilty pleas of Eddie and Kimberly Carr serve as a reminder; knowingly allowing minors to have alcohol is never a good idea and is against the law,” said Lee County District Attorney Jessica Ventiere.

Edmund and Kimberly Carr have not been charged in the sexual assault case.