COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – In 2021, Columbus suffered the worst year on record with 70 homicides. The city recorded the first homicide of 2022 on Jan. 16.

The first victim of the new year was a 71-year-old grandmother, Barbara Luke. Luke was struck by a bullet as she was driving her car in broad daylight down Delray Drive.

Councilwoman, Toyia Tucker says we need to come together as a community, “No matter where it happens, you know if it happens in District 3, 2, or 4 it doesn’t matter it’s all our business. As an elected official I can say that all of us, all of my colleagues we are concerned about the uptick of murders in our community.”

Tucker says this first homicide is different and hits close to home, “I’m extremely close with my grandmother and I know that as a granddaughter, if this happened to my grandmother I would be completely devastated.”

Tucker took to Facebook to express her condolences to the family.

Through ‘Operation City Take Back’, the Muscogee County Sheriff’s Office Drug, Gang, and Fugitive Task Force, they are determined to put away all those who are responsible for these crimes.

 “The residents of Muscogee County, Georgia, can be assured that in 2022, we will continue to assertively go after those who are responsible for the demise of the quality of life within Muscogee County and bring them before the courts to be held accountable for their misdeeds.”

Muscogee County Sheriff, Greg Countryman

Anyone with information regarding the homicide on Delray Drive is encouraged to contact Detective Sherman Hayes with the Columbus Police Department at (706) 225-4268.