EVANSVILLE, Ind (WEHT) — A woman was allegedly raped multiple times, and a man was beaten and strangled to death, all within less than 24 hours. Jason Harvey lived at the home where these atrocities took place. He tells Eyewitness News he was unaware of what was happening under his own roof.

I invited Heidi into our home because she was living in a motel and needed a place to stay, well she and my kids had a good bond, she never shown any signs of being like what had transpired. Heidi was staying there until she could get on her feed, her boyfriend Carey started coming over and things got bad with them fighting a lot. I had asked her not to have anyone over because of my kids, but obviously didn’t listen. I was only trying to help a individual out. During the hours of 8:30am on the 19th to 7:45pm I was at work or buying groceries. When I was at home I met Cynthia briefly as she was helping Heidi clean the downstairs part of the house. I had layed down from being tired and also from being in pain of passing a kidney stone. When I came out of the bathroom I noticed lights in my windows and I went downstairs to find out what was going on, only to be backed out to the police. I was notified of having a deceased person in my house when I was being questioned at the police station. In short, my children, and I were u aware of what was going on inside the house downstairs during the day and night on the 19th. The kids are doing well, and area out of town with family while I try and get things in order, like my car was shot and doesn’t run due to a bullet hitting the fuse block.

Evansville Police say Heidi Carter invited a man and woman over to the house. The three drank alcohol, took narcotics and engaged in sexual activity. When Carter’s boyfriend, Carey Hammond, showed up, Carter says he became angry and beat the man and woman with a bat.

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The woman was shackled and raped multiple times, according to a probable cause affidavit. The man was also tied up. Hammond allegedly strangled him to death with a belt.

Hammond was shot and killed by police. Carter was arrested and is facing multiple charges including murder, rape, and criminal confinement.