COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – The Muscogee County Sheriff’s Office arrested a man with several felony warrants in Columbus and Russell County who attempted to steal merchandise out of a store while MCSO investigators were inside the store.

MCSO says that the sheriff’s office special operation unit investigators were at Home Depot in Columbus working a case when William Willett attempted to leave the store with merchandise worth over $1200 without paying.

As investigators approached Willett, he attempted to run, but investigators were able to apprehend him, and it was later discovered that he also had multiple outstanding warrants.

Investigators arrested Willett and charged him with the following:

  • Felony Theft By Shoplifting
  • Obstruction of A Law Enforcement Officer

At the time of his arrest, Willett had felony warrants for theft by shoplifting with CPD and Larceny with the Russell County Sheriff’s Office.