LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — Four former Limestone correctional officers are facing charges of bribery and promoting prison contraband while employed by the state department of corrections (ADOC).

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The arrests are the latest blow ADOC is facing with its prisons as the U.S. Department of Justice continues to investigate the facility in Limestone County.

The officers — Alex Andrews, Shamarion Dozier, John Paul Ketteman and Andrew Taylor Roy — worked for ADOC until their resignation on November 22, according to prison records. 

Stacy George spent 13 years working as a prison guard at Limestone Correctional Facility. He retired in October but told News 19 that while he was there, he witnessed corruption and this case is the result of irresponsibility. 

“[Is] the Department of Corrections really serious about catching these people even in the future or are they doing this short-term to kind of take attention off the other issues?” asked George. “It’s a good thing they are doing, but it’s odd the timing of it.” 

In 2019, the Department of Justice notified state officials that ADOC had demonstrated an inability to control the flow of contraband into and within the prisons — including illegal drugs and weapons.

George says the four officers and other employees were able to walk in and out of the prison without being scanned for contraband because the scanners were cut off in July.  

“I left October 26 and punched out at 9:16 p.m.,” George explained. “What is interesting is that it is about the timeframe that we weren’t going through the scanners. Someone could have carried a 9MM or a Glock in there. There was just no security, or you weren’t going through any security at all for about three or four months.” 

George says that staffing is the big issue at the Limestone facility and the arrests of the four officers make things much worse. 

“That’s four spots missing on one shift, and they are either going to have to bring the right team in to secure that or they are going to have to bring the National Guard in,” George concluded. “They need to bring the national guard in anyway.”

In a statement, ADOC said the four officers turned themselves into the Limestone County Sheriff’s Office as a result of the investigation. As of today, all are being held in the Limestone County Detention Center.