COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – A Columbus man charged with killing his partner waived his appearance in Recorder’s Court Tuesday morning.

Police say Dexter Potts, 25, confessed to killing Tunuska Jackson, 31, on March 5.

During court testimony, Police Sgt. Thomas Hill told the court Potts and Jackson got into an argument about another woman around midnight. Potts was visiting a friend and was supposed to call Jackson for a ride home, but told her his phone had died.

Unable to call for a ride, Potts walked home. Once there, Jackson asked Potts about why he did not call. Potts told Jackson his phone died. Jackson then took Potts’ phone and placed it on a charger. Jackson then started going through the phone.

Jackson’s 13-year-old daughter entered the room where the two were arguing. Potts grabbed Jackson’s daughter by the neck and held a gun to her head to scare her, police say.

After leaving the room, Jackson’s 13- year-old daughter heard the gun go off, Hill told the court.

Authorities say Jackson suffered one gun shot wound to the head and Potts suffered a gun shot wound in his left hand. Jackson died shortly after.

Potts says that he did not mean to kill Jackson. Potts is currently at Muscogee County Jail under suicide watch. Judge Julius Hunter ordered a mental evaluation of Potts.

Police said Jackson and Potts were not married, but during the interview in which police say Potts confessed he regularly referred to Jackson as his wife. The two had been together for about a year, according to testimony.

During his initial interview with police, the first thing Potts said was “I killed my wife,” according to Hill. Later in the interview, Potts said it was an accident.

District Attorney Mark Jones sat through the hearing and was troubled by the evidence he heard.

DA Mark Jones speaks with Jackson’s family outside the courthouse

“This was no accident,” Jones said. “We have evidence in the case from witnesses that are going to testify, basically saying that this gentleman Dexter Potts was threatening weeks before and even the week before, I will kill you. Witnesses that heard him say this to Tunuska Jackson.”

Hill said a semi-automatic handgun was used. Hill said the shot was fired at close range, and the shell casing did not eject.

Potts is currently being held without bond. The case now moves to Superior Court where a judge can set bond.