COLUMBUS, Ga.( WRBL) – A Columbus man suspected in the killing of two brothers waived his appearance in recorders court Friday morning.

Jacob Martel, 25, is charged with killing Eric Giddens, 21, Quindarrius Giddens, 22.

During court testimony, Sergeant Thomas Hill said Martel claimed he was meeting the two victims at the Motel 6 on Veterans Parkway to sell them a gun. Martel told police the victims were trying to rob him. However, Sergeant Hill said surveillance footage proves that wasn’t the case.

Police say motel room 524 was leased to Martel’s cousin Richard Williams and Martel was listed as his guest. After checking into the room, Williams left to grab food and pick up Martel’s wife who was being released from Muscogee County Jail.

Martel told police he scheduled a meeting with Eric, also know as “Esco,” who was accompanied by his brother Quindarrius to purchase the gun. During the meeting the brothers noticed a large amount of marijuana in the room and they told Martel this was a robbery.

After picking Martel’s wife up from jail and grabbing food, Williams returned to the motel room. Williams gently pushed the door open with his foot because he is carrying a bookbag and a bag of food. Williams told police he was unaware of the meeting and did not know who the two brothers were.

Martel and Eric entered the hallway and Martel told police they had an exchange of words. Detectives said footage showed some type of dialogue but there was no audio, video also showed Eric carrying a grey bag and nothing else in his hand.

Hill told the court that from the surveillance video Martel grabbed his gun and shot Eric 3-5 times, then he goes back to the room and shoots Quindarrius. Martel took the grey bag from Eric and hid it at the motel along with another black bag that he had.

Martel told police that Eric was holding a gun while they were exchanging words in the hallway. During the police investigation they did not find a fire arm near Eric’s body. Police also did not find a fire arm near or on Quindarrius.

Williams was detained by police along with Martel. Williams told police everything happened so fast. He saw Martel open fire and felt his cousin’s actions had gone too far and it did not appear to be self-defense.

Police say Martel had multiple opportunities to escape, instead he chose to grab a weapon and open fire.

Martel is being charged with two counts of murder and no bond was given.