COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – The Columbus Police Department is urging the community to remove valuables from their cars. As the summer months approach, they’re seeing a spike in property crimes.

The most recent string was caught on camera. Sergeant Dallas Willis says these criminals are looking for one thing.

“The most common item we are seeing stolen are firearms. That’s top of the list. That fuels the rest of the crime in Columbus.”

Sergeant Dallas Willis – Property Crimes, Columbus Police Department

For those who carry firearms, Willis says don’t leave them unattended even if it’s just to go into a business for a short period of time like a gas station.

“A lot of these firearms are being used in these armed robberies and other violent crimes in Columbus, is how they fuel that. Drugs and everything else. Where drugs and drug sales come, you see firearms along with that as well, and most of the time the firearms are stolen.”

Sergeant Dallas Willis – Property Crimes, Columbus Police Department

Police say having cameras at your home typically deter criminals, but also help with catching them. In addition to firearms, they are trying to get their hands on electronics.

If you notice something suspicious in your neighborhood, call 911.