COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – Donnell Russell, who was arrested in connection with the shooting and murder of David Brown on April 10, pled not guilty to possession of crack cocaine, possession of a firearm and murder charges.

Detective Roy Green testified that officers arrived to the scene at the 700 Block of Fort Benning Road and found David Brown suffering from a gunshot wound. Green said Brown yelled out “OG just shot me”.

Brown was transported to Piedmont Columbus Regional and later succumbed to his injuries.

According to Green OG is Russell’s street name. The detective said Russell was positively identified as OG out of a photo lineup showed to a witness.

Green said a firearm matching the one used in the crime was found inside Russell’s apartment and has been sent off for testing.

Russell is being represented by the Public Defenders Office who asked for the dismissal of the case stating their was a lack of probable cause.

The Public Defender argued “OG” is a common street name and Brown could have meant someone else. He also said their are currently no finger prints tying Russell to the crime.

Judge Julius Hunter denied this request and has bound the case over to Superior Court without setting bond.