DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Three suspects are at-large after two Dothan stores were stolen from on Monday. Both stores caught the suspects’ on camera.

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Surveillance photos show two women in Dove Christian Ministry and later it was found that pieces of jewelry and small gifts that can fit in bags were stolen.

Alleged Dove Christian Ministry shoplifters

“I mean, obviously we have had things took which is why we have security cameras, but we wanted to hold them accountable because it was so blatant,” the owner of Dove Christian Ministry, Donna McCollough said.

Another store in Dothan known as a local gift and children’s boutique caught a shoplifter on camera the owner of the boutique says about $80 worth of merchandise was taken and that this has only happened at their store one other time.

Video of the shoplifter at the “local gift and children’s boutique.”

Both stores took to Facebook to try and ask the community for help in finding the three shoplifters.

“Normally, we would not post on social media, but because of the volume of products that they took, which we are still trying to determine that exact amount, we just felt the need to prevent them from going into another small business,” McCollough said.

McCullough says that they believe the two suspects are a mother and a daughter, but that this instance has not only impacted the store but everyone involved.

“We’re a small business it didn’t just affect us personally, it affects our staff, it affects the ministries that we are able to support with the money that we make in our business,” McCollough said. “So that’s really what is heartbreaking and discouraging about the whole thing.”

Dothan Police are investigating both of these cases, as both businesses have video footage of the shoplifters and are trying to find these suspects and have their merchandise returned.

“The way that they were taking things you know,” McCollough said. “Right under our noses to be honest.”