COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – Local baseball fields are becoming the targets of criminal activity, with the fields being targeted multiple times in just one week.

Vandals struck the ballfields at West Georgia Dixie Baseball and Pioneer Little League in Columbus on Monday. Graffiti was painted on the dugouts at the ballfields.

According West Georgia Dixie Baseball Board President, Heather Clark, the fields are no stranger to vandals.

Clark said this is the third incident in five months. According to Clark, their golf cart was stolen five months ago, and their concession stand was burglarized last Thursday night.

“It’s truly getting out of hand and it’s sad,” said Clark. “This will push us as a board to continue to fulfill the mission we set out to do and give the youth an opportunity to do something positive with their free time.”

Clark said the board also plans to meet with the city to discuss security and surveillance options.