DA Hughes slams DOC for releasing violent offenders into work programs


LEE COUNTY, Ala. (WRBL) – The Lee County District Attorney is slamming Alabama’s inmate work release program for failing to stop violent offenders from getting into the program where they work and earn money with little supervision.

Just this week, we learned Alabama authorities confirmed a convicted murderer is on the run as The Alabama Department of Corrections says 43-year-old Daniel Miner escaped from a work-release center and was last seen in Childersburg. Officials say he has been missing since bed check Saturday night.

The escaped murderer from the work release program caused Brandon Hughes, the Lee County District Attorney, to share his concerns and frustrations on social media.

“Perhaps if these violent inmates were being released into the communities of these work release decision-makers then the decisions to allow them out on work release would be different. I pray this man does not murder or otherwise hurt someone while he is at-large,” shared Hughes.

Lee County District Attorney Brandon Hughes shard a link to a news story about the escaped murderer on Facebook while slamming the Department of Corrections for allowing violent offenders from Lee County to be housed in various work centers

Hughes tells News 3 he is more than frustrated and the DOC needs a serious overhaul in the interest of public safety when managing the inmate work release program. Hughes says decision-makers are failing to stop violent offenders from getting into the program where there is virtually zero supervision.

” They are putting in their letters this program is for individuals who are not a danger to society. Well, every single one I object to having committed violent crimes, gun crimes. On their face they are a danger to society,” said Huges.

Hughes says when the DOC notifies him a lee county convict is considered for work release at various camps across the state he files an objection letter if he believes the offender is a danger to society. He says his concerns are largely ignored.

“I routinely get denied. I can only find one out of a dozen where work release was denied. I routine object, disclose the info and I get a letter back saying your objection is noted but we are going to allow it anyway. I am very frustrated. I only object to violent offenders, gun violence and people who have choked people during home invasions and shot their victims. These are just dangerous people. I don’t know what the Department of Corrections is thinking to allow them out to go to work,” said Hughes.

Hughes will continue writing objection letters and urges you to contact your lawmakers for your safety and peace of victims. Hughes says victims of violent attacks lose all sense of comfort when they have notified the person who attacked them has been granted work release.

“We have a person who is on work relapse who bounced a baby off a bed into a wall, cause he got angry. He has a history of domestic violence hitting his girlfriend, holding a knife to his mother’s throat and telling her if you call the police I will kill you and burn the house down. I have detailed all of this in a letter and basically the Department of Corrections is saying I don’t care,” said Hughes.

Brandon Hughes shared the following descriptions of Lee County convicts who are being allowed to work release, despite his objection letters:

Joshua Strickland: Committed 2 armed robberies. While on probation for robberies, he was convicted of trying to cash a forged check at a bank.

Billy Ray North: Committed 4 armed robberies. Extensive criminal history including 6 convictions for drug distribution, resisting arrest, and assault

Kenneth Lamar Dunn: Home invasion robbery where he choked a female in the home. Promoting Prison Contraband while out on prior Work Release. Has previously violated his probation and has additional prior convictions including drug distribution.

Gerald Jerome Brown: 2 armed robbery convictions using a shotgun.

Anthony Dion Williams: Committed to armed robberies after a previous armed robbery conviction. He was prohibited from possessing a handgun when he committed his most recent robberies.

Jmekio Sir’Nard Russell: Convicted of armed robbery. During the robbery, he drugs the victim with his vehicle and the person with the inmate shot at the victim.

Charles Henry George, II: Committed a home invasion robbery. One of the victims was tied up with a rope while another was pistol-whipped

Reginald Antone Lockhart: Armed robbery. The victim was shot during the robbery.

Allen Michael Smallwood: Convicted of manslaughter for killing someone in a traffic crash while under the influence of drugs. While he was on probation for manslaughter, he was charged with DUI for being under the influence of drugs.

Jarquwn Dvonte Janigan: Home invasion robbery. The inmate planned the robbery and provided the weapons.

Trabien Latrent Cobb: Armed robbery conviction where the victim was shot during the robbery.

Zachary Ryan Tadlock: Convicted of Willful Abuse of a Child and Domestic Violence in the Third Degree on December 4, 2015. The charges and subsequent convictions resulted from the inmate abusing a two-year-old boy. The inmate has a history of violent behavior toward the most vulnerable: small children and women. Specific instances as documented through police reports are as follows:

September 21, 2011: Mr. Tadlock’s mother would not give him the keys to the truck so he punched holes in her walls and threatened to punch her if she would not give him the keys.

June 6, 2012: He got angry at his mother, punched holes in the walls, and broke out windows. He threatened her with a knife and told her he would kill her if she called the police. He also pushed his mother to the ground.

June 1, 2013: Mr. Tadlock jumped on his girlfriend.

January 22, 2014: Threatened to kill his mother and ripped her cabinets off the wall.

May 19, 2014: Assaulted his Mother. He did so by choking her and throwing her across the table. He also told her if she called the police again, he would assault her again.

May 23, 2014: His Mother confronted him for stealing her medicine. He proceeded to choke her and dragged her through the house. His mother told the police that behavior had been going on for a while but feared to call the police because of what he would do to her. He also threatened to kill her and burn her house down.

May 29, 2014: Mr. Tadlock got angry with the two-year-old baby and threw him on the bed. He threw the baby so hard that the baby bounced off the bed and hit the wall. His girlfriend (baby’s mother) called the police and he punched her in the left eye, pushed her down to the ground, took the phone away and smashed it.

Hughes is urging voters to make noise by contacting lawmakers, saying the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

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