COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – The man charged in the deadly stabbing of his girlfriend has had his first hearing in connection to those charges. Antoine Dante Bell made another appearance in Recorder’s Court Thursday morning, following his arrest in connection to the stabbing death of his girlfriend. Bell also appeared in court the day before, on previous charges in which the victim, Salaysia Duerner, was stabbed and hospitalized a few weeks earlier.

On Thursday, Bell waived his second Recorder’s Court appearance in connection to the stabbing death of his girlfriend, Salaysia Duerner. Bell is being charged with murder.

Detective Sherman Hayes told the court Bell and Duerner were in a relationship and several reports of domestic violence had been made during the course of the relationship. Hayes told Judge Julius Hunter, Bell stabbed Duerner a few weeks prior to the stabbing death and he had a warrant out for his arrest in connection to that incident when Duerner was stabbed again and killed.

According to Hayes, the stabbing in which Duerner was killed took place on Oct. 3 and a 911 call was placed in regards of a body being found on the street.

Hayes said when police arrived to the scene they found a Black female, later identified as Duerner, laying face-up with multiple stab wounds to the body. Hayes told the court, when EMS and the Coroner arrived, Duerner was produced dead at the scene.

Hayes told the court Duerner’s body was found 15 feet from Bell’s house, where the stabbing occurred. Investigators found Duerner’s white car in the driveway of Bell’s house. They also found two males inside the home, one was Bell’s father, the other his grandfather.

Hayes told Judge Julius Hunter based on blood evidence, that the stabbing took place inside the home. Blood was found on the couch, the screen door and on the front steps outside the home. Bell’s father and grandfather were inside the home during the stabbing.

Hayes said investigators obtained a search warrant and located the weapon used to stab Duerner. Hayes told the court Bell used a pair of scissors to stab Duerner. He testified that so much force was used during the stabbing, that scissors were broken and different parts were found around the crime scene.

Hayes told the court after the stabbing, Bell was taken to another location to get away from the scene. Hayes said Bell’s family called CPD and led officers to Bell’s location and that he confessed to killing Duerner.

Hayes described the relationship between Bell and Duerner as “toxic” when he was addressing the court.

Bell is not eligible for bond and the case has been moved to Superior Court.