COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — New details came out in court Friday morning in the June murder of Marcel Samedi.

He was shot to death outside an apartment at Wilson Homes.

Elysia Cooley, 17, has been charged in the shooting death. She was not in court because of COVID-19 protocols.

Her attorney, Stacey Jackson, waived her appearance and then argued that the evidence against Cooley was flimsy at best. Columbus Police detective Donna Baker told the court there was a video in which she believed that Cooley was the shooter.

The video was from a Wilson Apartments surveillance camera.

Cell phone records put Cooley on the scene. Cooley was interviewed by the in late August. A warrant for her arrest was not issued until this week.

“All the ‘Ts’ were not crossed and all the ‘Is’ were not dotted,” Jackson said. “They just haphazardly, in my opinion, issued a warrant based on a belief and not on actual, physical, or tangible evidence. And that just bothers me because that’s not how the system is supposed to work.”

Judge Julius Hunter bound the case over to Superior Court and ordered Cooley held without bond.

A murder warrant has also been issued for Corey Troupe, 24. Baker told the court that Cooley is the only person who has been arrested.