PARSONS, Kans. — It is cliché — but a southeast Kansas woman certainly is grateful that a Labette county deputy was “in the right place at the right time” on Sunday night.

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Gabe Vitt was on another call Parsons around 9:30 — when he overheard dispatch tell EMS that it had a caller saying a woman had been hit by a train. The call was disconnected before dispatch could obtain a location.

It just so happened Deputy Vitt was only a couple blocks away from where it actually happened. He got there, found the woman and applied a makeshift tourniquet to her partially severed leg and kept her calm until EMS arrived.

“I actually back in 2015 went through EMT school at Labette Community College and there was two guys that worked for Labette Health EMS that taught that class and so I just kind of reverted back to that training and experience doing that to, I mean it just kind of naturally kicked in,” said Deputy Gabe Vitt.

“We’ve all been through the classes on how to put on the tourniquets and they all carry tourniquets. I think he was, the adrenaline was just flowing in him and he just grabbed the first thing he could find that would work for a tourniquet, and I’m proud of what he did,” said Sheriff Darren Eichinger.

Deputy Vitt started full time with the department back in February. The woman is still recovering from her injuries — but, again, is alive.