COLUMBUS, Ga (WRBL) 0 The family of a Columbus teen who was shot to death on Macon Road as she ran for her life two years ago today– is remembering her tonight.

Today marks two years since authorities say Destinee Virgin was shot and killed by her boyfriend in broad daylight on Macon Road.

“Destinee was my only child, so I haven’t been coping so well with it. Some days are better than others,” says Mechelle Virgin, Destinee’s mother.

Destinee poses with her mother Mechelle

She says not only is the grieving been difficult but so is the fact that there’s still no trial date set. “She hasn’t received her justice yet. The pandemic has a lot to do with this. But at the same time, before the pandemic, we were still waiting. We have families that are waiting on answers as we speak… before Destinee’s killing, after Destinee’s killing and we can’t hold the pandemic as the sole reason as to why we’re not moving forward with court and with trial because not only do these inmates need to have their day in court these families need justice.”

Justice from being allegedly abused by her ex-boyfriend Markel Ervin, who is charged with her murder.

On September 22, 2018 – Destinee ran from her Nissan Maxima at the red light on Macon Road at Rigdon Road and ran west through traffic. Witnesses say she made repeated calls for help.

“They said that Destinee was pulling on door handles trying to get in different vehicles. They said that he chased her down and shot her multiple times and jumped back in her vehicle and drove off,” Virgin explained.

She says this was one of many physically abusive incidents that happened between the two. Ervin allegedly murdered Destinee while out on bond for her alleged kidnapping in Apil.

Virgin said the system failed her daughter who was set to enlist into the Navy.

“Why would you want this man back out on the streets? Why would you keep giving him bond after bond after bond? He got out on his own recognizance the first time when he first initially kidnapped Destinee. Then they gave him a $50,000 bond when they initially charged him for felony kidnapping,” Virgin said.

Ervin got out of jail around June.

Virgin later filed protective orders to keep her child safe. “I was doing what I had to do because I thought the law was going to help her.”

But shortly after Ervin’s release, her daughter was killed.

Since the pandemic began, Virgin has been in and out of ZOOM calls awaiting a trial date.

“We’re doing those once a month, once every other month, but those are draining and stressful in itself because you’re thinking that you’re about to get a whole bunch of answers and you’re about to move on to the next step in this chapter and its still a dead end.”

She conducts those calls with a picture of her and her daughter Destinee in her high school graduation gown behind her to show the judges that she’s fighting for her daughter.

“I want the jurors and the judge to look at the facts, and look at the history and to not just look at this as another domestic violence case. I need them to really get into the meat of this situation and realize that this was a pattern and this could;ve been avoided and what led up to and look what happened now, my child is no longer here,” Virgin says.

“So when the judge sees me, he’s going to always remember my daughter’s face. I’m going to keep my child’s name alive not only cause that’s my child but because she needs to receive justice.”

Markel Ervin is represented by Attorney Stacey Jackson who tells News Three they’re ready for trial but waiting on guidelines on how to reconvene jury trials during a pandemic.

As for his client, Jackson says he’s patiently awaiting his day in court.