Discussing foster care in Muscogee County


COLUMBUS, Ga. – There are 538 foster children in Muscogee County as of Friday, January 29, which is a major concerns for leaders and community members.  The Justice Reform group met in Columbus Friday to discuss the foster care issue in Muscogee County.

Edward DuBose attended that meeting.  He is a counselor for children in foster care and their families.

“This is a serious business that we’re dealing with and I think once we understand what these families go through, not just the children.  When children are pulled away from families everybody suffer,” DuBose said.

There are 147 foster care homes in Muscogee County for the 500 plus foster care children here.  Judge Gil McBride’s goal is to keep more of these children in Muscogee County instead of sending them all over the state.

“Just to make certain that these kids who unfortunately will be in foster care are at least able to go their own schools and be in their own churches and be around their own friends and try to maximize what continuity is good in those kids lives,” McBride said.

Mitch McGinnis is a foster care parent.  He’s had five foster care children.

“We understand it as a calling from God that we are called to be foster parents in this child’s life for this amount of time.  It may be weeks or months or years and so we kind of understand that going in that it’s going to be hard,” McGinnis said.

There is a list of requirements for becoming a foster parent in Georgia.  Some of the requirements include background checks, meeting home safety requirements and attending a training class.  Click here for a full list of all of those requirements.

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