Doctor urges public to take COVID-19 seriously


Dr. Daryl Ellis, a local family care physician answered questions for News Three viewers via Facebook tonight.

He’s concerned about the growing number of people who feel their civil liberties are being violated because they are required to wear masks before entering certain establishments.

“They’re looking at it in a very selfish way in my opinion. It’s all about them. And to me it’s a total disregard to the rest of the population that you’re in contact with,” said Dr. Daryl Ellis.

Dr. Ellis says we have to have a healthy respect for what this viral infection is and what it can do.

“If you don’t believe that this is a real viral infection that can kill people, I encourage you to come with me on rounds in the ICU. And if you really want to get an impression about what it’s like I encourage you to come on rounds with me and not wear a mask. It will change your perspective immediately,” said Dr. Daryl Ellis.

He warns as the cold weather returns in November and December, COVID-19 could return much the way the Spanish Flu did which in 1918 killed one-third of the world population including one-third of the American population at that time. The Spanish Flu actually hit in 1917 in a much less severe strain.

“If it could reactivate in a mutated form more resistant form we could have a lot on our hands to handle.”

Dr. Ellis urges people to stay home if they can and wear proper protection.

“You don’t have to be scared of snakes to be looking for them when you’re walking through tall grass. That’s called wisdom,” said Dr. Daryl Ellis.

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