COLUMBUS, Ga (WRBL)- The Domestic Violence Roundtable plans to expand services and outreach to survivors impacted by the death of loved ones.

The group is working to form a Support for Survivors of Murder/Suicide (SSMS) Task Force.  The goal is to bring together professionals to volunteer their time to help those faced with horrific tragedies.

“A murder-suicide can shatter the equilibrium in the lives of those left behind. Following a murder-suicide, families and friends may be confronted with several situations which they may find overwhelming,” said Muscogee County Deputy Coroner Elizabeth Allison who also serves as the Chair of the newly formed SSMS Committee. “It is critically important that we, as a community, come together to let them know that they are not invisible, and they are not alone in their journey to healing.”

People who work in legal professions, advocacy groups, hospitals, funeral homes, counseling, ministry, and similar careers are asked to register for the free, four credit hour training webinar.

“We will be a bridge to help families in crisis during a homicide and/or suicide,” said Muscogee County Deputy Coroner Elizabeth Allison who also serves as the chair of the newly formed SSMS.

Allison said in addition to being there to listen, the SSMS also wants to help families move forward.

“We want to help them through the next steps,” said Allison.

You can go ahead and register for the webinar.  After registering, you will receive information about joining the meeting.

If you have any questions, you call reach Elizabeth Allison at (762) 822-0581.