LEE COUNTY, Ala. (WRBL) – The operators of a well-known food truck business selling tacos in east Alabama collectively face drug possession and identity theft charges. The arrests are related to allegations they altered prescriptions for oxycodone, dextroamphetamine, and Adderall, then filled the scripts at various Opelika and Auburn pharmacies illegally.

Christopher Pope and Emma Hunt operate Drive-by Tacos, a popular food truck in east Alabama established in 2018. Pope and Hunt were arrested by Auburn police for Possession/Receipt of a Controlled Substance this month. Hunt was also arrested this month for charges in Opelika. Pope reached out to News 3 to let us know the Auburn charge had been dropped. We confirmed with the Lee County District Attorney’s Office the case was dropped on August 24th. A reason was not given by prosecutors. News 3 has learned Pope is still charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance By Fraud in Opelika related to a March 3 allegation of using fraudulent prescriptions to obtain Adderall in which Pope was arrested by Opelika police. That case remains ongoing. Pope says that is a pending case and it will be settled soon.

During their investigation, agents pulled over the Drive-By Tacos food truck in Lee County. Pope tells WRBL there were no drugs of any kind found in the vehicle or on any person.

“We also feel that the time has come to expose facts and corruption among the local governmental agencies. We are 100% willing to take responsibility for wrongful actions, but we will not stand by to be persecuted, judged, and condemned without due process of law. In this country, we are innocent until proven guilty,” said Pope.

Agents pulled over the Drive-By Tacos food truck

According to another court document, detectives alleged on January 28, 2020, Emma Hunt filled a prescription at The Drug Store on N. Dean Road in Auburn. The prescription was for dextroamphetamine-amphetamine 20 MG. Dr. Sunil Sharma prescribed it in November 2021, and the prescription did not allow for any refills. However, Hunt previously filled the prescription at the Drug Store on N. Dean Road in November 2021 and at Opelika Medical Arts Pharmacy on November 15 in violation of Hunt’s lawful prescription.

Hunt is also facing charges in Opelika, including Identity Theft alleged to have happened in December 2021. Opelika police reported in July 2022; an anonymous person contacted them about Emma Hunt and Christopher Pope obtaining forged prescriptions. Investigators located a Lee County nurse familiar with Pope and Hunt. The nurse says Hunt was prescribed 20 MG Adderall pills. Investigators allege two times in December, and one time in February, Hunt brought a fraudulent script to Medical Arts Pharmacy and received 60 Adderall pills during the three visits. The pharmacist advised investigators Hunt presented a prescription for 30 MG pills, not 20 MG. Detectives obtained the scripts from the pharmacist and showed them to the nurse, who said they were fraudulent. The nurse stated the paper was not the same and the signature was not Dr. Sharma’s signature. The pharmacist identified Hunt out of a lineup as the person who gave the pharmacy fraudulent scripts and the person he gave the pills to. Hunt is charged with three counts of Unlawful Possession of a Controlled Substance by Fraud and three counts of Identity Theft.

On August 12, Drive-by Tacos posted a letter to customers and followers on their Facebook Page:

Letter to customers and followers on DBT’s Facebook Page

Pope and Hunt are out of jail on bond, awaiting their court dates. Meanwhile, Opelika and Auburn Police say the cases remain under investigation.