COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – The Eddy Middle School Principal presented the The Muscogee County School District board with plans to implement uniforms, pending the board’s approval.

Principal Kevin Aviles says, the majority of the students coming into Eddy Middle School are accustomed to uniforms in grade school so there wouldn’t be much of a transition. The proposal includes polo shirts that would be grey, white, and blue with khaki, blue or grey pants.

Parents, teachers and staff were all polled. Those polls revealed 88% of the faculty members and 75% of the parents polled are in favor of a school-wide uniform policy.

They hope this will create a shift in the school’s culture and reduce the need for disciplinary action.

“We’re looking at how we could change the kind of culture of our school and make more positive influence for our kids and for our parents.”

Kevin Aviles – Eddy Middle School, Principal

As many schools make the transition to uniforms, the board says it allows all students to be on a level playing field and that it eliminates distractions.

“We can take those distractions away, and I think that’s what the uniforms will be. The school will allow them to focus on that educational piece.”

Kia Chambers – Muscogee County School District, At Large

Many board members voiced their approval for the change. The official vote will take place March 20th, to give parents and students plenty of time for back to school shopping before Fall of 2023.