PHENIX CITY, AL. (WRBL) – Auburn University students from the Community Planning Program have worked all semester long with Phenix City to see what the city needs in two specific areas. Today they presented their plans in front of their classmates and city officials.

The project was split between two classes, one that was focused on revitalizing the downtown area of Phenix City and the other was a sustainable transportation class who worked on the 13th and 14th street corridors.

The semester long project involved working with the city to assess their needs, using research and case studies to see plans that may work for this area.

Auburn University Associate Professor of the Community Planning Program and Director of the Masters’ Community Planning Program Sweta Byahut said having a good partner makes all the difference for these students.

“Phenix City for that, you know we are really grateful, that they were excellent partners,” said Byahut. “They provided all the data in the timely manner, they were available all the time with everything, ya know they came down to Auburn several times both Tracie and Shaun from the economic planning department, and engage with the students, brainstorm ideas with them. So those experiences are really valuable for the student learning outcomes.”

The community planning project actively participates and engages with the community in Alabama. The students touched on everything from planting trees and placing sidewalks to a roundabout.

The students were able to converse and engage with Phenix City Mayor Eddie Lowe about their projects and plans following their presentation.

“Through the point of our growth where we can create a better quality of life for people and that foremost, is the most important thing with these young people coming here, and the presentation that they did in the time they did it,” said Mayor Lowe. “I am so elated that we have a bright, bright future not just in this country or in this region, but here in Phenix City.”

The partnership between the two cities is something both the Mayor and the Professors are hoping to continue this fall.