HAMILTON, Ga. (WRBL) – The Harris County School District (HCSD) announced that classes would be delayed on Wednesday by two hours due to forecasted dangerous windy conditions.

The school district says that school buses cannot efficiently be operated in winds exceeding 35 mph and anticipate at least one to two inches of rain, resulting in two-hour delays across the school district.

HCSD’s Assistant Superintendent of Business Services and Technology, Dr. Justin Finney, provided the following rules for students and parents regarding riding the bus to and from school:

  • All Harris County staff members and students should arrive at assigned duty, school, or bus stop locations two hours after the regularly scheduled time.
  •   Buses will arrive at scheduled bus stops two hours after the regularly scheduled time.
  • Afternoon buses will run at normal times on their regular routes. 
  •  The instructional day for students and duty day for staff will end at normal times.