Elementary school students in affordable housing communities have a new after-school activity to look forward to and it’s right in their own backyard. The new program is thanks to a partnership between the Columbus Museum and the Columbus Housing Authority.

“Since we are working with school age children they do get art in the school, but this program is another way for them to bring it into their community and experience it with their neighbors and their friends there. It’s just another way to practice their creative expression,” Lucy Kacir with the Columbus Museum said.

The Columbus Museum received several grants of up to $20,000 to provide the supplies needed for the classes. In the fall, classes were held at Chase and Wilson Homes. This February, classes started at Farley and Elizabeth Canty Homes. Jonathan Evans with the Housing Authority says this class is opening the kids up to new opportunities in their own communities.

“Usually when the kids have something to do it keeps them out of trouble. Once we are showing them the arts, different ways to paint, we have kids now that come into our office ‘Hey I would like to have different types of coloring crayons and different types of paint brushes so we can use these things at home,” Evans said.

At the end of the free six- week course, the students will be able to visit the Columbus Museum. For some, this will be their first time. During the trip they will be able to see the artwork that inspired the pieces they’ve been working on.

In May, the students will be able to show off their artwork to their family and friends at the Columbus Museum.