Third graders at W.O. Lance Elementary are using “A World in Motion” kits sponsored by KIA to help them learn Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

Ashlly Galicia and her team are designing and building a toy they hope will stay airborne longer than the toys of their competition.

Ashlly’s team named their toy “The Flying Cool Toy.”

Her competition is Kam Ricks.

He has his own ideas on how to make what he calls the “Sky Flyer.”

He’s using sticks, feathers, tape, string and plates. 

Ashlly and Kam say it’s all about trial and error. 

STEM Teacher Mary Andrews agrees.

“I saw a lot of revision going on so they were getting a feel of how it really works when you’re
exploring and trying to build something to solve a problem.”

These builders decide to test them out and the “Flying Cool Toy” and the “Sky Flyer” are launched. 

One toy stayed aloft a while longer and Kam says he knows why.

“Not to put a lot of heavy stuff on it and pick lighter stuff so it stays in the air longer.”

Ashlly says she learned the same lesson. 

“Light things made it fly good.”

For Ashlly and Kam, it’s just another day of combining fun and learning in STEM class.