COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – The month of May kicked off employee appreciation week at The Columbus Police Department. The entire week serves as a time to thank those that put their lives on the line for the City of Columbus everyday. It also brings comradery throughout the department.

The week started off with ‘Money Monday’, every hour the lights came on and the money was up for grabs.

Whether they work in the 911 call center or strap on a bullet proof vest every single day to protect the City of Columbus, the serves as a thank you.

“”We’re working hard we’re working long hours, but we are doing more with less and we know that it’s hard. But your coming to work. You are staying late. You are coming in early. You are doing what needs to be done until it’s done. That is why the committee came up with you are appreciated.”

Assistant Chief of Police, Joyce Dent-Fitzpatrick – Columbus Police Department

Fitzpatrick says the morale within the public safety center is a reflection of the community as well.

“If we don’t celebrate eachother in here, how is the community going to celebrate us. And when we asked the community to step in and help, they were over pouring with support.”

Assistant Chief of Police, Joyce Dent-Fitzpatrick – Columbus Police Department

The dollar bills were printed with donations from local shops all over Columbus, like tickets to BOWLERO, Apparel Stores, restaurants and even visa gift cards.

The appreciation didn’t stop at the Public Safety Center — each police precinct in Columbus was showered as well.