Sci-fi author Kevin J. Anderson came to Columbus for Apollo events


Columbus, Ga. (WRBL) – July 20, 1969, is a historic day marking the date of the Apollo mission. As the 50th-anniversary approaches, The Coca Cola Space Science Center is receiving a lot of foot traffic from visitors and a novelist that became a sci-fi sensation.

“This is the second time that I’ve been to the Coca-Cola Space Science Center do an event like this. I love seeing younger people getting all excited about space, space science and exploring their imaginations,” said Kevin J. Anderson, Star Wars and Dune Bestselling Author.

New York Times bestselling author Kevin J Anderson made his way to stardom creating science fiction novels for hits like Star Wars and The Dunes series.

“I grew up in a little tiny rural town in Wisconsin, which is probably like little tiny rural towns in Georgia and there is nothing to do except climb trees and stuff, so I would dream as a kid and I would make up my own stories,” said Anderson.

With over 140 books published and collaborating with prominent film writers, Anderson never imagined his career would skyrocket to fame.

“There is still enough of the kid in me that’s like, cool I’m working on Star Wars and I’ve written Batman and Superman and I’ve written some Star Trek stuff and for a science fiction fan it’s about as good as it gets,” said Anderson.

Meeting with fans and signing autographs are precious moments Anderson looks forward to. The past couple of months he’s been busy with his latest novel Spine of the Dragon.

“It’s a big epic fantasy kinda like Game of Thrones and lots of different characters with two continents at war and there’s magic and there are dragons and I worked like two years on it, but on the day before the book came out last week I finished the second book,” said Anderson.

You would think with so many books sold in stores it would be difficult to choose a favorite, but that’s not the case for this profound author.

“Darksaber is my favorite of the Star Wars novels and I’ve written dune novels with my friend Brian Herbert and the original Dune by Frank Herbert was my favorite science fiction book of all time,” said Anderson.

If you are wondering how Anderson made it this far as a well-known author, he has a message for diehard fans.

“You write and you study writing and you get better so that your third book is better than your first book so you keep working on it. Today the whole world is different and you gotta figure out your own way,” said Anderson.

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