COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — Recorder’s Court Judge Susan Henderson rescheduled an environmental court hearing involving the owners of a dog that attacked a Columbus woman on March 1.

Dog owners, Edward Murray and Jaqueline Crockett, appeared in Columbus Environmental Court before Judge Henderson on Wednesday. Judge Henderson did not hear the case. Here is what she said:

For purposes of this morning, we are going to continue the case. We’ve instructed (Columbus Animal Control) Lieutenant Syck to get with the DA’s office or the solicitor’s office, because if I hear evidence this morning, and it should have been in a different court, it’s too late. And I want to preserve any potential criminal claims that may be out there. And I don’t want to have to punish (Murray and Crockett) you guys time and time again, by having you guys by having to come back to this court. So Lieutenant Syck is going to get with those individuals to see if there’s an avenue that this wish to pursue rather than having the court hear it.

Recorder’s Court Judge Susan Henderson

Judge Henderson rescheduled the court hearing for May 3.